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Accounting and Auditing Services

Comprehensive quality control procedures and
our in-depth knowledge of business and
accounting allow us to deliver reliable
information in a cost-effective manner.  As an
independent certified public accounting firm,
we provide business clients with year-end
audits, employee benefit plan audits (i.e. 401k),
reviews and compilations of financial

As business advisors, we assist clients by
reviewing their year-end financial statements
and analyzing whether, if any, operational
improvements should be made to ensure the
stability and growth of the business.  We help
them assess their current financial situation by
performing break-even and cash flow analysis
and developing forecasts and projections.  We
also establish internal accounting controls and
evaluate and recommend accounting software
that meets the specific needs of their

Since numbers can only tell part of the story,
we assist you look beyond the numbers and
use the information to assess your overall
business operation.  By providing timely,
accurate information in an understandable
manner, we help you determine exactly where
you are, so you can get to where you want to be.
Tax Services

We take a proactive approach towards tax
planning.  Our goal is to minimize our
client's tax burden through
comprehensive tax planning and tax
compliance.   For owners of closely-held
businesses, we explore and utilize
strategies that minimize both your
personal and business tax liability.  We
evaluate whether your current business
structure is the most tax-effective and if
any, we recommend alternative that is
more tax-effective and suitable for your
We make maximum use of available tax credits to further minimize your tax liability.  And
because many of your business have tax ramification, our professionals will work with you year
around to advise you and to keep you abreast of important changes in the tax laws.

For individuals, we provide comprehensive tax advice, planning and guidance based on
individual needs and goals.  We stress long-term tax and financial planning to secure an
optimal tax position now and in the future.  And through estate planning, we help you minimize
your current tax liability, thereby retaining and safeguarding your estate for your beneficiaries.

In addition to the tax planning, consulting and tax compliance, the firm also represents clients
before government agencies and act advocates on their behalf.
Business Management and Consulting Services
Our genuine desire is to see our clients
succeed and prosper.  For that reason, we
consider tax and accounting only half of our
job.  The other half is business management
and consulting.  Through our comprehensive
advising services, we help guide you through
the maze of opportunities and obstacles that
come with business and financial management.  
Our services are aimed at enhancing the
efficiency and productivity of your business, as
well as assessing and improving your overall
financial position.

Our collective years in serving a wide variety
of clients enable us to effectively identify
problems, recommend solutions and implement
systems that are proven success.