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3435 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1190
Los Angeles, CA 90010
ph: 213-596-0249
fax: 213-596-0266
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About Us
KSH is a certified public
accounting and business
consulting firm which provides
a comprehensive range of
accounting, tax and
management consulting
services to a diverse client
base.  At KSH, we understand
that in a complex and
fast-changing business
environment, entrepreneurs
often face many foreseeable
and sometimes unexpected
challenges and obstacles.
We believe it is our job to help our clients to be well prepared and proactively tackle the
obstacles and in turn help them to succeed and prosper.  To this end, we approach each
client relationship as we were partners in their business.
Our professionals are dedicated to
excellence in delivering a wide array of
financial services to client and therefore
committed to being lifetime learners in a
rapidly changing business climate.  Driven by
the traditional value of quality work and a
close working relationship with our clients,
we work hard to develop an understanding
of the intricacies of each client's business
and maintain an open and consistent line of
communication with all clients to ensure a
partnership based on mutual trust and
By taking a hands-on
approach to client service, we
are able to advise on changes
that create opportunities, and
safeguard them against
potential pitfalls.  This
approach has allowed us to
help individuals and
businesses of all sizes to
grow and prosper.